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When you need tree pruning in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, call the expert team at Lucas Tree Services. We have the knowledge and experience to improve the health and aesthetics of your trees.

Tree pruning has many applications and goes a long way in improving or restoring a tree’s condition. Ideal for both health and appearance, tree pruning offers the ability to customise your tree’s form extensively.

Do you have a tree with diseased or storm-damaged branches? Do you wish to thin the crown to enable growth and better air circulation? You may also want to reduce the tree’s height and weight, remove obstructing branches or simply modify for aesthetic reasons. You can do all of these things with tree pruning and Lucas Tree Services is keen to oblige.

Our team has performed tree pruning on various types of trees for years. We have the experience and training to carry out your requirements without trouble, be it in a domestic or commercial environment. The size of the job is irrelevant as we’re willing and equipped to take on anything.

We go above and beyond all Australian standards and utilise the best industry equipment there is to ensure you get what you want. For a reasonable price, we can safely prune your tree to your liking, keeping its health intact and even lengthening its life. Talk to a tree pruning specialist at Lucas Tree Services today.

When you want the best in Trimming & Pruning Services in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs – Call 0428 319 454. We are ready to assist you with friendly free advice and prompt accurate pricing.