Terms & Conditions

Lucas and Co Pty Ltd Trading as Lucas Tree Services

ABN 50 611 315 452

Tree Ownership

The client guarantees that the trees quoted on are either their own property, or that they have received written permission from the owner of the property for the proposed works.

Lucas Tree Services will not be held responsible for being instructed to cut any trees in which the client does not have the legal right to cut. By accepting this quotation, the client agrees to pay for or reimburse Lucas Tree Services for any costs, liquidated damages, legal costs, time spent or fines which may occur from any illegal tree cutting which Lucas Tree Services has been instructed to do.


The client accepts responsibility to ensure that all necessary council and/or other permits are obtained for the proposed tree works.


When works are close to services ie water, telephone etc, a safe alternative for the works will be provided. If the client would like to proceed with the original works in the knowledge damage may occur the liability for this damage is the clients.


Lucas Tree Services holds a $20,000,000 Public Liability policy. $1,000,000 Statutory Liability. $250,000 Errors & Omissions.


Cancellations after confirmation of the booking will attract a 10% surcharge (except in the case of unfavourable weather conditions).


All pruning will be done to Australian Standard 4373-2007. The intention of the standard is to encourage pruning practices and procedures that reduce the risk of hazard development, branch failure, pathogen infection and premature tree death. Thinning, weight reduction, crown reduction & crown lifting techniques are all carried out with careful consideration paid to the trees shape and form.

Tree Removal (to Ground Level)

Removal of the entire tree, to as near as possible to ground level, based on existing conditions at or near the base of the trunk ie: soil, rock, fences, building, other structures etc…

Clean Up

Unless otherwise specified clean-up is to include removal of logs, branches, leaves and twigs. The work area will be raked but some excess saw dust, leaves, branches or twigs may remain.

Stump Removal

Stumps will be reduced to chips by using mechanical grinding of the visible tree stump below ground level. Lucas Tree Services are not responsible for underground services unless they are located and notified by the client prior to the work commencing. The stump hole will be backfilled with the stump chips and excess chips will be left on site (unless otherwise specified).

Quote Validity

All quotes provided by Lucas Tree Services are valid for 60 days. If a quote is approved by the client more than 60 days from the sent date of the quote, Lucas Tree Services reserves the right to amend the quotation as necessary to cover any additional costs.


Payment on completion by cash, cheque or EFT within 7 days. If an account is not paid within 7 days, interest may be charged on the amount outstanding at a rate of 5% per annum. In the event of the account being in default and being referred to an external party for collection, any expenses, disbursements or legal costs incurred by Lucas Tree Services, including any solicitor’s fees or debt collection agency fees shall be paid by the client.


Unless otherwise quoted for, wood will be cut into 300-400mm (12” – 16”) lengths, not split, and left on site for client use.